23 November 2010

Peace Now!

It is time for the end of war.... we cannot continue to erase human lives in the madness of war. Humankind has developed weapons that are able to wipe out hundreds of thousands of people in less than 3 minutes. Even millions of people can die at once from the blast of a single bomb. Men, women, children, old people, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, millions of them - gone in one flash. And it has become possible to train people to do this because they are far removed from the actual dying. What a confession of failure for the human race. If evolution is to lead anywhere at all we must learn a different response to aggression other than violence. We must learn what the carpenter from Nazareth tried to teach us - turning the other cheek in search of a different solution. Otherwise the future looks bleak. Let us try together to stand united against war. Let us put pressure on those in power who believe they must use military force to persuade them to end this madness. The life of your son and my son may well depend on it.

17 January 2007

What The World needs now Is Love
The new relationship that we have with God is based on love.
There is nothing that we can do to deserve or achieve heaven. We can never make God our debtor. No amount of good works, charity, kindness or benevolence will purchase our eternal peace. But God makes us like Him, just because He loves us.
We are his children and even though the world looks so cold and hostile and dangerous, there is a force, an Absolute that wanted me and made me and does not want to be without me. What a wonderful kind of love! This is a love I can feel - the only kind I know that is real....

30 December 2006

When The Sun Rises Again

Hope. It believes against evidence. And it can be one of the strongest motivating forces there is. Just remember this: when the night is darkest, just then the sun will appear over the mountains.